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Ferrosilicon is used in the steel industry as a deoxidize element in Steel, In the manufacture of cast iron, ferrosilicon is used for inoculation of the iron to accelerate graphitization one of the raw materials for the production of magnesium ingots and some ferroalloys such as magnesium and Ferrosilicon magnesium. Hence, starting its production, the company always met the required specifications and needs of internal Steel Industries such as

Isfahan Steel Company, Khorasan Steel Complex , Khuzestan Steel , Mobarakeh Steel, Hormozgan Steel, Steel Kaveh South Kish…

and Country foundry industry such as Iran Casting Industry, Iran Khodro Casting Industries, Iran Tractor Foundry Co., Fouladin Zob Amol, and Ferro molybdenum Producers such as Kavir Rafsanjan Ferromolybdenum Co. , Babakan Engineering Development , Khatoon Alloy Engineering and …

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    Agents information to be applied in the map:

    Isfahan Agent: RooinPoul Co.
    Tel: +98 0313 6637425
    Tehran Agent : NBJ Co.
    Tel: +98 021 261 12816
    West , East Azarbaijan And Ardebil Agent : Rahim Manafian
    Tel: +98 0413 440 1312
    North and South Khorasan Agent : Behin Aseman Omid Co.
    Tel: +98 0513 6906005
    Semnan , Golestan , Gilan and Mozandaran : Setareh Taban Taher Co.
    Tel: +98 021 887 92114-15


    Iran Ferrosilice Company (Public Joint Stock) is a leading company at ferroalloy Industry in Iran. IFC reputation is for producing high quality FeSi 75% compatible with world class Standards. IFC have 2 main products as Ferrosilicon 75% with capacity 25000 MT/Year and Ferrosilicon Magnesuim with annual capacity of 4000MT/Year and also a by-product Microsilica Powder with a capacity of 8000 MT/ Year. Under Brand Name of IFC , we are known to export our high quality products to mostly worldwide market , EUROPE, ASIA , MIDDLE EAST.


    In order to produce Ferrosilicon this Company import some of the main raw material from China, India, Dubai ,……
    Below is the list of raw material which we import:

    • Electrode paste
    • Semi Coke
    • Mish Metal
    • Calcium Silicon
    •  gtMg Ingot

    Export destinations for Ferrosilice co.

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    Iran Ferrosilice Co. is trying to improve customers ‘ satisfaction with the aim of providing its products and services as well as establishing an interactive relationship with the client. To achieve this goal please complete the form of bids and sending it through fax number 021 40229886 or address: No.1903, 19th Floor, Park Center Tower , 7th Narenjestan, Farmaniyeh AVE., and Postal Code : 1957614066.

    Post - selling services

    With the aim of attracting and increasing customer satisfaction in case of facing with consumer dissatisfaction Iran Ferrocilice Co. promptly send its technical expertise to the client site. And if the problem is not meeting customer’s need related to product, it will be replaced the item with the required specifications as soon as possible.

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