Iran Ferrosilice Company activities in line with environmental protection

In order to preserve the environment and according to legal requirements and international environmental regulations, Iran Ferrosilico Co. has made extensive efforts to address them.

Iran Ferrosilice Co. integrated environmental plan

The environmental monitoring project has been carried out monthly, Sampling results have been adjusted with air pollution modeling have been adapted and planned based on the results of the improvement of environmental conditions. And according to the results, the improvement of environmental conditions is prepared and planned.

An observation of Iran Ferrosilice Co. plant air pollution

One of the most important tools in examining the effects of pollutants and pollution monitoring, as well as the calculation of pollutants in the region, is the use of pollutants modeling.
Emission models can be used in broad purposes such as strategies for control and reduction of pollutants as well as pollution predictions.

Perform control strategies to reduce air pollution in the plant.

Installing casting equipment and exploiting it and not using casting beds

Installation and operation of dusting system of casting line.

Installing a dust collector on its crushers and sizing ferrosilicon Magnesium

 Installation of topical Dust Collector in the charging system

Installation fans of 75 and 90 kW in the dusts hall to prevent emergencies

Construction and operation of second silos storage of dust

Install a momentary monitoring on the outlet of the main duct and flue mist

According to Article 192 of the fifth development plan, units that have the capability and necessity of installing and operating a instantaneous and continuous monitoring system. By the end of the third year, plans must install and operate the systems. The Iranian Ferrosilice Co. monitoring system is installed on the outlet of the main duct and the main chimney of the melting unit.

ISO 14000 Establishment of Environmental Management System

The overall purpose of this standard is to support environmental protection and pollution prevention, so that to interact with social, economic needs. Environmental management standards have been developed for this purpose to provide effective Elements of environmental management system for organizations in order to be able to integrate with other management requirements , and help organizations in pursuit of environmental goals, efforts to protect the environment, and avoiding emission of pollutants.

Perform environmental monitoring in the form of self-declaration

The implementation of the self-declaration plan on pollution monitoring in the fourth development plan is under discussion in article 61 (a). Iran Ferrosilice Company has made a self-declaration.

Environmental management plan for existing production line and Ferrosilicon production line development plan

  • All caution and environmental monitoring are done correctly
  • Site activities are well managed
  • The destructive effects on the environment are minimized
  • Legal requirements are met
  • The project is controlled in terms of environmental impacts

Social responsibility

One of the responsibilities of Iran Ferrosilice Co. is to maintain and assist the interests of the people in the field of social responsibility. And it’s a must have for every company. It is not personal and it is a compulsory thing. In other words, corporate social responsibility is defined in relation to the company, society, and environment associated with the company. This category goes far beyond financial and economic issues. This shows the importance of manufacturing units and economic activists to the rights of all humans, the environment and employee support.
The activities carried out in line with the corporate social responsibility of Iran Ferrosilice Co. can be divided into several sections:

Iran ferrosilice Co. has a special focus on environmental protection and it is one of the most important parameters of social responsibility , according to all foreign experts who visited the factory during the activities of Iran Ferrosilice co., as well as visits of domestic officials and experts who also visited other Ferrosilicon factory around the world, believe that Iran Ferrosilice Co. was one of the cleanest and largest factories in the world that by using advanced dusting systems, it has not only taken an effective step towards protecting the environment , but also with an annual production of 10-8 thousand tons of microsilica dust, which is one of the most important and strategic products, internal need of this valuable material has been eliminated in country construction industries. In this regard, Iran Ferrosilice Co., believing in the natural right of the employees of the company and the respectable citizens outside the plant’s boundaries in enjoying healthy air by improving the performance of the dusting system and installing internal dusts detector in the workshop, control the dust emissions in the workshop environment appropriately. As it can be claimed that beside of creating a healthy environment in the factory, in the environment around the factory, there will be no problem.

At the same time, the type of mist produced in the factory differs structurally and in physical description with silica particles from sandstone-sand casting factories-sandblast units and silica stone, which are the origin of pulmonary diseases, and
it will not cause acute pulmonary disease, And, thankfully, there have not been any signs of pulmonary problems in the workers of this factory. And it’s natural that there will be no problem for the respectable citizens living in the city without a problem.

Support and encouragement of sports activities, in this context, Iran Ferosilice Co. Handball team can be mentioned which is in all age categories. This support will encourage people to participate in sports activities and ultimately create hope and vitality in society.

Green space expansion

Considering the effective role of green space in reducing air pollution, Iran Ferrosilice Co., with full belief in this principle, has been developed green space of the factory over the past years.
In this regard, the planting of evergreen trees (olive, Eucalyptus) in spite of the problems of water supply and its transfer, the area of the greenery of the factory has increased dramatically. Among the measures taken, one can mention the planting tree in the Chara project area, the areas of the cooling tower manufacturing hall, and others.

Social activities of the company in the field of public assistance and cooperation with charitable organizations and assistance to the general welfare of the society is as follow:

  • Assisting Center for the Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Mental Disabilities in Paradise Flowers
  • Assisting the personnel of the Islamic warriors of Semnan province
  • Assisting the charity rescuers of Ashura
  • Assisting the Association of Industrial Managers in Semnan Province
  • Assisting Imam Khomeini Relief Committee of Semnan province
  • Assisting Implementing the water supply project in Semnan Industrial Town
  • Assisting Cultural centers and mosques
  • Assisting Reconstruction Organization of Holy Shrines of Semnan
  • Assisting Iranian Thalassemia Association
  • Assisting Kahrizak Charity Foundation
  • Assisting Sadaghate Jariyat Charity
  • Assisting the Goodwill Institute of the Sky Road
  • Assistance in building a school in Semnan7
  • Cooperation with universities on getting a trainee