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Organization Chart


Safety and health unit activities in short , operates in three areas of safety, health and environment, as follows:


A periodical observation of the workshop on health care, providing Medical records and health cards Disinfection and spraying Toilets and workshops, Supervision over food and restaurant


Establishing the Safety and Protection Committee, Measuring safety and health pollutants, Safety and environmental evaluation.
Prevention and analysis of incidents- Sending injured to medical centers and following them up- Monitoring the control of lifting operations- Provide and control individual protection equipment- Safety training and fire fighting for personnel- Prevention and firefighting .


Self-observation in the environment, Online environment monitoring , Preservation of natural resources (water, soil, air)- Avoid contamination of water, soil and air, Factory wastewater and sewage control


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    Iran Ferrosilice Co. activities in line with environmental protection
    In order to preserve the environment and according to legal requirements and international environmental regulations, Iran Ferrosilico Co. has made extensive efforts to address them.