Ferrosilicon Magnesium in Iran

Ferrosilicon Magnesium ( FeSi Mg)


1 MT Big Bag
۴۰ KG Barrel


In Producing Ductile Cast Iron

This material is one of the products of Iran Ferrosilice Co.. FeSi Mg is hollow and grained, silver gray with a metal surface and melting temperature of 1300 ° C. FeSi Mg is used in the casting industry to produce unbreakable castings and in the steel industry for the treatment of steels. The production capacity of this product is 6000 tons annually,

Which is produced in different types according to the customers request .
It is an extinguishing agent and, when exposed to moisture or acid and grease, leads to extremely hazardous gases. Breathing this dust and gas for lungs and mucous membranes creates a burning sensation.

آنالیز فروسیلیسیم منیزیم