Microsilica powder in Iran

Microsilica powder (silica fume)


Big Bag (400kg-600kg)
Small Bag (30kg-50kg)


In Construction Industries for Increasing Concrete Compression Strength,
Corrosion and Electrical Resistance
In Polymer Industries

It is a subsidiary of Ferrosilicon production, which is an ultra-thin (breathable dust) glass powder with a melting temperature of about 1550 degrees Celsius. This product is not described as a hazard to the environment, it is not an extinguishing agent, and when in contact with the body, there are risks such as itching and dryness of the eyes, irritation of the skin, and burning and dryness of the human membrane. Rinse it with plenty of saline solution and consult an ophthalmic clinician to remove skin damage. In the event that the injured person breathes the mist, the person is transferred to the open air. Personal protection when exposed to dust is the use of protective gloves and glasses and the most important factor in using a special protective mask.

پودر میکروسیلیکا
آنالیز پودر میکروسیلیکا
پودر میکروسیلیکا 40