About Iran Ferrosilice Co. Chemical Laboratory

Iran Ferrosilice Co. Chemical Laboratory has been operating since construction of the plant in 1995. The laboratory works on chemical analysis of alloys, metallic minerals and carbon based material with internal tests. It is referred to as a reliable reference for the tests of the above mentioned items. The laboratory aims at increasing the level of satisfaction of its service providers and enhancing quality level of the testing – related processes, decide to receive and run certified system based on the international standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 and applying professional procedures.

So it takes the following at its priorities:

  • Increasing the awareness and compliance of personnel competence with the need of testing and requirements of managerial systems
  • Development and improvement range of laboratory activities along with the tests through studies and purchasing equipment
  • Receiving customers feedbacks , and complaints giving quick , and appropriate
  • Using competent authority to ensure accurate and factual tests

Iran Ferrosilice Co. Chemical Laboratory has pledged to provide resources and facilities to meet the objectives requirements of these standards, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the lab management system. All lab workers are required to familiarize themselves with the documents of the lab management system and apply it to their work.

Safety information

Microsilica powder (silica fume)
It is a subsidiary of Ferrosilicon production, which is an ultra-thin (breathable dust) glass powder with a melting temperature of about 1550 degrees Celsius. This product is not described as a hazard to the environment, it is not an extinguishing agent, and when in contact with the body, there are risks such as itching and dryness of the eyes, irritation of the skin, and burning and dryness of the human membrane. Rinse it with plenty of saline solution and consult an ophthalmic clinician to remove skin damage. In the event that the injured person breathes the mist, the person is transferred to the open air. Personal protection when exposed to dust is the use of protective gloves and glasses and the most important factor in using a special protective mask.

It is the main product of the Iran Ferrocilice Co. In physical and solid format , it is silver. The melting temperature is 1290-1390° C. Its specific weight 2.5-5.4 g/m3. It is used as additive in the cast and steel industries.
It is shattered and non-flammable .There is no self – immolation and transportation should be carried out on the basis of the rules of chemical handling. The dust of this material creates a burning for the lungs and the mucus. Contact with skin and eye will cause an itchy scalp. Using protective glasses and masks and most importantly protective mask based on EN 149 FFP and appropriate ventilation is required at the workplace. In case of contact skin and eye washing with plenty of water is required and in the face of inhaling problem, transfer injured one to the open air.

Ferrisilicon Magnesium ( FeSi Mg)

It is graded in the form of hunch and metallic surface, with a melting temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius. It is a flammable substance, and it can lead to very dangerous gases when exposed to moisture or acid. The breathing of this dust and gas will cause burning effect in lungs and the mucus. In contact with skin and eyes, it causes a burning, dryness, and itching, wash with plenty of water in case of contact. For protection, wear glasses or eye protection masks and use a standard protection mask. Using Air Condition at work place is necessary. It should be kept in a dry and ventilated environment, avoiding acid, open air, and moisture.