Ferrosilicon (FeSi )


1 MT Big Bag


Deoxidizing factor in Steel Producing
Grain Refiner for Ductile Cast Iron’s Casting
Alloying Element in Rich Silicon Steel Production

It is the main product of the Iran Ferrocilice Co. In physical and solid format , it is silver. The melting temperature is 1290-1390° C. Its specific weight 2.5-5.4 g/m3. It is used as additive in the cast and steel industries.
It is shattered and non-flammable .There is no self – immolation and transportation should be carried out on the basis of the rules of chemical handling. The dust of this material creates a burning for the lungs and the mucus. Contact with skin and eye will cause an itchy scalp. Using protective glasses and masks and most importantly protective mask based on EN 149 FFP and appropriate ventilation is required at the workplace. In case of contact skin and eye washing with plenty of water is required and in the face of inhaling problem, transfer injured one to the open air.

آنالیز فروسیلیسیم